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good morning. breaking news. a possible leak detected in one of the reactors at that damaged nuclear plant in japan after water inside tested 10,000 times more radioactive than normal. and this morning officials are expanding the voluntary evacuation zone. we'll have the latest in a live report. wake-up call. the f.a.a. suspends a veteran tower controller after he fell asleep during his overnight shift at reagan national airport. it could lead to major safety changes nationwide. final wish.
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elizabeth taylor laid to rest during an emotional private service and at her request she arrived fashionably late. one last grand entrance for a hollywood legend today, friday sh mar, hollywood legend today, friday sh mar, march 25, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm mcalistatt lauer. >> i'm ann curry. just a short time ago japan's prime minister delivered an address to his nation issuing an apology to farmers and businesses damaged by the nuclear crisis. he's been thanking the so-called fukushima 50r, the workers who stayed inside the plant trying to cool the reactors. >> the most recent concerns surfaced thursday when three workers waded into water at
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reactor 3 and were exposed to excess radiation. two suffered severe skin burns. now crews have to determine if the leak is coming from the reactor core itself. let's get to nbc's chief science correspondent robert bazell in tokyo. bob, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, good morning, matt. i can tell you that at the very least this is a major setback in the efforts to contain the reactors. at worst, it's the beginning of a release of more radiation into the environment. >> now, about reactor number 3 -- >> reporter: the apparent leak is in reactor 3 which has been the most troubled at the fukushima site. today prime minister kan addressed the nation. >> translator: the government is stepping up monitoring efforts to control the radiation. >> reporter: the problem came to light when three workers got exposed to excess raidradiation. two of them were taken to a radiation hospital. measurements of the water in the plant found it to be 10,000 times normal radiation.
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today an official was asked about the source. when you take a look at the water, he said, it appears the source of the radiation is from the reactor. also the government said people living within 18 miles of the site should consider ale voluntary evacuation. earlier they suggested people in the zone stay indoors. the next big questions, how much of the radiation is leaking and how much will remain in the concrete and steel containment facility that surrounds the reactor and how much gets into the environment? reactor number 3 where a hydrogen explosion destroyed the building covering the containment facility is considered the most dangerous. the fuel contains plutonium which is more deadly than the uranium in the other reactors. it's not clear what the next steps are going to be. nuclear engineers say this is uncharted territory but say it will be difficult and dangerous and could go on for weeks or
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longer. ann? >> robert bazell, thank you very much. james acton joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> what are the risks of a breached reactor core, james? >> ann, i think the first thing i should emphasize is that a breached reactor core is not the only possible explanation. japanese officials are not ruling that out at a possibility. it certainly seems like a possibility now. but it is possible that other less serious eventualities have happened. if there is a breach that creates the risk of larger releases of radioactivity into the environment than we have seen to date. >> much larger releases. a catastrophic release now more likely if this is true? >> when you say catastrophic, really, what immediately springs to everybody's mind is chernobyl. i think a release on that scale
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is extremely unlikely, even if the core has been breached. chernobyl involved an explosion in the fuel itself. that hasn't been seen here. there is not the mechanism by which a large amount of radiation can be dissipated the way it was at chernobyl. >> if they are looking at how to handle the situation and they really don't know what the problem is, what does history -- you mentioned chernobyl -- tell us about how to respond to this situation? >> frankly, ann, there is no experience of responding to a reactor core breach of this type. the closest that happened was three mile island. on that occasion the melted fuel sat at the bottom of the reactor vessel that didn't succeed in burning through. if that's happened today, if the fuel has burst through the vessel into the building then there is really very little experience to go on. frankly, this material is going to be so radioactive, short of
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just leaving it there. >> so if we have very little experience then what is your reaction to the japanese officials saying that the evacuation zone is still a voluntary evacuation zone expanded now to 18 miles? is that far enough, sir? >> i don't have the information that the japanese officials have in hand. so i can't comment on the details of the evacuation zone. the thing i will point out is japan is still reeling from the triple tragedy -- this earthquake, this tsunami and the nuclear accident. and there is an estimated over half a million people who have been displaced. that factor has to at least feature in the japanese government's calculation. the feeding and watering and looking after of all of these half a million people. it has to affect their calculation about the correct size of the evacuation zone. >> we have to leave it there this morning. james acton, thank you very much for your perspective. >> thank you. >> now here's matt.
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>> ann, thank you very much. a week into the campaign the u.s. role in libya is about to change. nato will take over enforcement of the no-fly zone but rebels and pro-gadhafi forces are fighting it out street to street. nbc's richard engel is one of the first journalists to reach ajdabiya where there are battles raging now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. rebels have taken about half of this city. gadhafi's forces still contain pockets and have tanked positioned around the edges. we have seen street-to-street fighting. we can hear gunfire now. rebels have been taking cover, firing machine guns, trying to find gadhafi's forces and drive them out. this is what the war in libya has become. the western air strikes will take out gadhafi's heavy weapons, tanks, aircraft and allow the rebels to push into cities themselves and fight it
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out almost hand to hand with gadhafi's forces in several cities in libya. >> you talk hand to hand. i was struck on thursday by your reporting and how poorly equipped the rebels seemed to be in terms of weapons. are you sai seeing indications that they are being supplied with anything more substantial? >> reporter: no new supplies of weapons. this kind of fighting helps the rebels. they don't have a lot of tactical skill, mortars, anything that can fire long range. once they are in the cities and they are fighting over buildings, in destroyed buildings and moving street to street trying to advance, this is the terrain that doesn't give gadhafi's trained army an advantage. and the rebels feel they have more of an even chance. >> richard engel in libya, thank you very much. be safe. david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." nice to have you in new york. >> good morning. >> we look over the u.s.
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involvement in libya over the past six, seven days and it seems like there is a problem. >> what's the end game? whether it's congressional critics or others saying is this an open-ended commitment? do you want gadhafi out? are the rebels the one who will lead the country? these are questions anybody would be asking. >> when are we going to hear an answer? the president seems to say i have been talking and i have made it clear. has he? >> no. i don't think he's made it clear as far as how it relates to the larger whole of middle east strategy. nato will take over the no-fly zone but there is a question about the end game with gadhafi and if there is a stand-off, a divided libya, what is the united states' role under those circumstances? i don't think we know. >> john boehner wrote a letterer to the president asking him to answer several questions. one is what is this going to cost? we're hearing the financial issue being brought up.
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where is this going? >> i think this is significant. on the left and right there is a vote coming about whether to shut down the government to raise the debt ceiling, how much cost matters. here's what else is important. the message sent by this operation to the rest of the arab world particularly in persian gulf states where there is repression of the citizens this is a message saying, hey, reform fast. it's not a message being clearly articulated. >> this is different from other debates over financing wars in afghanistan and iraq. one side could say you can't take funding away from troops on the ground and leave them ill equipped. maybe it is time to ask those questions. >> the president has been clear that the united states will not have a lead role. there won't be troops on the grown. that's clear. there will be more of a desire so have him explain how this relates. >> let's talk politics now. we are seeing more people on the gop indicating they might be
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willing to run for president or interested in 2012. michelle bachman, rand paul. how do they stack up? >> there is a wide open field here. there are presumed front runners like mitt romney, tim pawlenty, mitch daniels, but there will always be a tea party track in a wide open race. that's where rand paul, mike huckabee may fill the space. the key point is sarah palin, an important voice, seems to be fading and is less likely to run. >> newt gingrich appeared and said he would not have interv e intervened in libya. two weeks ago he told the president to establish a no-fly zone tonight. is he coming across as a guy who just criticizes anything? >> i think he realizes he'll be scrutinized more closely as a candidate than as an analyst. republicans have to decide what
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foreign policy they want to stand for. if they want to stand for the george w. bush policy that was unpopular even with republicans. and the president is marking a departure in terms of the u.s. power abroad. >> we would see you in washington on sunday. thank you very much. it's 11 after the hour. here's ann. >> thanks. an air traffic control supervisor at reagan's airport has admitted he fell asleep while working the midnight shift which left two commercial airliners to land on their own. tom costello has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the pentagon is only about a mile away. over my camera man's shoulder i can see the jefferson memorial, the washington monument, the white house, which is why people find it hard to believe that this control tower will be staffed with just a single controller even overnight. >> reporter: we now know the lone controller in the tower
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early wednesday morning at reagan international airport was, indeed, asleep as two commercial airliners were coming in for a landing. >> washington tower, american 1012. >> reporter: for 30 minutes, no response. even when a nearby radar facility telephoned the tower. after an american and united pilot landed on their own, the controller apparently woke up and seemed to blame the silence on radio trouble. >> yeah, somebody had a stuck mic. >> reporter: the supervisor, a veteran controller, admitted he'd fallen asleep on his fourth consecutive overnight shift. the man who runses the f.a.a. isn't happy. >> i'm outraged. i have flown in this air space for 25 years as a pilot. i have never seen anything like this. that's why we are going to investigate and get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: nationwide, 30 airports have lone controllers on duty overnight when there is
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little or no traffic. reagan national sits within sight of the pentagon, white house and capitol hill. veteran controllers and the union have long argued at least two controllers should be in duty in any tower for safety reasons. >> it's nonnegotiable. the public should be outraged. every senator, congressman should be outraged. >> reporter: without radio contact richards believes the pilots never should have landed since they didn't know if there was ground traffic on the runway or a security problem. but a veteran pilot says they followed proper procedure. was there a danger to the passengers or crew? >> no. i think they were completely safe. >> reporter: the f.a.a. chief randy babbitt ordered investigation into the incident and the whole idea of lone controller staffing. meanwhile, i just received an e-mail from the ntsb which is now recommending that the f.a.a. prohibit air traffic controllers
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from serving as supervisors while also performing operational duties. back to you. >> tom costello with breaking news. thanks, tom. here's math. >> screen legend elizabeth taylor was laid to rest on thursday. at her request she arrived a fashionable 15 minutes late. mark potter has the details. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the funeral in glendale was planned as a low key private family event and that's what it became. but it still drew lots of attention. outside the famed forest lawn cemetery an army of cameras and reporters from around the world reported the somber arrival of five black limousines carrying elizabeth taylor's family. only about three dozen relatives attended the funeral. from the air they could be seen driving up to a big white tent as to officials watched the arrivals. taylor left instructions that the service begin at least 15 minutes later than scheduled
7:16 am
because, quote, she even wanted to be late for her own funeral. >> i'm amazed at how funny she is and had a great sense of humor. to me it's not surprising that she would go out with an understated flair. >> reporter: the service included poetry readings from colin farrell, two of her children and a grandson. another grandson played amazing grace on the trumpet. glendale police said she'll be interred in the great mausoleum where michael jackson also rests. >> she's not next to michael jackson but near, in the same mausoleum, yes. >> reporter: under jewish tradition burial occurs after death. elizabeth taylor became jewish when she was 27 before her marriage to eddie fisher, her fourth of seven husbands. her final resting place, forest lawn, is where many hollywood
7:17 am
stars are also buried including clark gable, jean harlow, w.c. fields and walt disney. at the end of the service there was no procession and family members departed as quietly as they arrived, silent in their private grief. as for a public memorial service a publicist said it could be several weeks before the details are confirmed. matt? >> all right. mark potter in glen tail, california, this morning. thank you very much. >> seems like it would be like elizabeth taylor even in talking about a funeral that is so sad she would leave us with a smile. arriving fashionably late. natalie is at the news desk for me this morning. >> good morning. tensions remain on the rise in the middle east. rockets from the gaza strip landed deeper in israel than they have in years.
7:18 am
israel struck back with air raids. in syria it was declared a day of dignity. today in yemen, protesters planned the biggest rally yet as the long-time president's power base deteriorates. powerful aftershocks in myanmar of 6.3 tremor killed at least 63 people and rattled buildings. it did not trigger a tsunami. >> reporter: firefighters are beating back wildfires outside denver that forced thousands of people from their homes. high winds are stoking the mostly contained fire keeping residents on stand-by for more evacuations. now to wall street. mandy drury has a look at what's going on this morning. >> it's been a really good week for stocks so far, natalie. further downgrades of political credit rating could keep the health of the euro zone front and center on investor's minds
7:19 am
and tech shares may get a lift from better than expected earnings but r.i.m., research in motion, the maker of the blackberry could have it tough after their earnings slipped. back to you. >> thank you. the 17-year-old beauty queen stripped of her tiara has had her crown restored by a texas judge. dominique ramirez was said not to fulfill her duties but she alleged that the pageant officials revoked the title because they felt the size 2 teen had gained too much weight since her win. ramirez said she hopes to share the crown with the girl who replaced her as miss san antonio during the legal battle. it's 7:19 now. you're up to date. back to ann, matt and al. >> thank you very much. can i make a point? david gregory a second ago, big show on sunday. he has secretary of state hillary clinton and secretary of defense robert gates.
7:20 am
>> especially with the stuff happening in libya that's an important line-up. >> if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." >> if it's friday morning at 7:19 it's all about al roker. >> that's right. out west our friends are being hammered again, unlike our director who does it every morning. we are looking at strong winds, winter storm warnings and a high surf advisory. as we can see more rain coming in. we have mountain snow as well. the sierra may see up to 18 inches of snow. cascades picking up anywhere from 12 to 18 inches of snow. one to two inches of rain >> ultimately the system will make it to the east coast and bring us some snow on sunday. today, dry, mid-forties. not a bad friday. tomorrow
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and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. coming up, four more women file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the ceo of american apparel. one of them, a model for the company, speaks out in an exclusive live interview. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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just ahead, a woman kidnapped when she was 4 years old reunited with her family after 37 years. >> she'll share her dramatic story in an exclusive live interview. first your local news and weather. ut a coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combination at red lobster? or maybe skewers of tender, wood-grilled shrimp. or your choice of shrimp paired with wood-grilled chicken.
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7:27 am
berkeley woods road. icy conditions reported at york road at stevenson lane. engage and book, a crash. accident in this city at calvin and center street. few slow spots here. in the northeast corner of 95, bit of a slowdown there. nothing to major in the way of and delays. you can see the outer loop coming towards us. again, nothing major to consider. tapping the brakes or two. top part of your screen, a little bit of a slowdown there. overall, looking pretty good. sandra, over to you. >> bundle up and dress in layers for the early morning hours. 28 at the airport. frederick, only 25 this morning. a lot milder downtown.
7:28 am
we are in the mid-thirties downtown. today's forecast it says in the mid-forties for the daytime high. we will be generally quiet today. things are going to pick up over the weekend. not bad on saturday and sunday, a high of only 38. snow throughout the day on sunday. >> if we must, at center. check the bottom of your screen for updated news and traffic information. back at 7:55 with another update.
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♪ 7:30 now on a friday morning the 25th of march, 2011. how pretty is that? a beautiful morning in midtown manhattan. that's the view from the top of the rock a block from us in r k rockefeller center. >> maybe spring has finally sprung. >> it is chilly out there. only 40 degrees out in new york city this weekend. in studio 1a it is warm. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry. ann is filling in for meredith. still ahead a heartbreaking
7:31 am
story with a happy ending. >> a little girl kidnapped at just 4 years old. her name was changed. she couldn't remember much about her parents. now 37 years later she's been e reunited with her parents. we'll talk to her exclusively this morning. >> on a much different note with prince william coming off the market, so to speak, there is a new trend in london called harry hunting. it has women who have a dream of becoming a princess traveling to england to try and meet him. details on that. good luck with that. >> let's begin with something more serious. the ceo of the popular fashion line american apparel facing another sexual harassment lawsuit. we'll talk to one of the women who brought the suit in a moment. first, nbc's peter alexander has details for us this morning. hey, peterer. good morning. >> good morning to you. this is the second sexual harassment lawsuit brought
7:32 am
against doug charney. he says the suits amount to basically extortion. at least one of the women, a 19-year-old model who still appears in a lot of the company's ads say it was sexual assault. with its provocative ads american apparel has long flaunted its place in the fashion industry, courting customers with a mix of skin and sexuality. at the helm the unconventional founder and ceo doug charney once again facing blistering allegations of sexual harassment and assault by four women, including three women still featured on the company's website. among them, kimbra lowe who says months after leaving the company she visited charney's house for what she thought was a job interview. he invited you to his home and what happened? >> when i arrived he was wearing only a towel.
7:33 am
he attacked me. he ripped my clothes off of me and sexually assaulted me. >> reporter: in the lawsuit filed in california wednesday, lowe claims she tried to resist but was afraid of charney. >> i made it very clear his actions were unwanted. but he continued and became more aggressive the more i voiced my opinion. >> reporter: we spoke to charney and his lawyers at length thursday night. declining an on-air interview american apparel released a statement saying the women are trying to shake down the company. they called the claims meritless and said lowe pursued a romantic relationship with mr. charney. to back up his case he showed nbc news dozens of what he called smoking gun photographs of lowe from that day, too explicit for tv. he insists the pictures show lowe is not a victim and undermine her accusations. charney said the same thing two
7:34 am
weeks ago about irene morales who filed a $250 million suit against him. morales spoke to meredith about why she was coming forward. >> i was victimized by doug charney. i won't stand for it anymore. >> reporter: charney said she harassed him, repeatedly e-mailing him photos of hearse. charney has been dogged by sexual harassment lawsuits. in 2006 he gave this taped deposition about the chain that sells clothing and underwear. >> i frequently drop my pants to show people my new product. >> reporter: the company says all of the suits were dismissed or settled out of court. charney said he's an unorthodox executive who's spoken openly about having sexual relationships with workers. this 2010 ad titled "in bed with the boss" shows charney with two employees. >> what do you want to tell
7:35 am
other women who work for american apparel? >> beware. this man is a monster. he's incredibly manipulative. i just hope he stops. >> reporter: we are waiting to hear what the other three women in the case have to say. they are bound right now by a confidentiality agreement they signed with american apparel when they were employees. >> kimber lowe joins us now along with her attorney. we were saying it's unnerving to be here to talk about this, but you are here and you filed this suit alleging that you have been assaulted. why? what is the biggest reason that made you decide to take this step? >> my main priority is to stop what's going on and to expose this man for who he truly is because it's wrong. what happened to me is wrong and what's going on right now is
7:36 am
wrong. >> you say what happened to you happened after you had already left the company as a sales associate. is that right? >> yes. >> you were going to mr. charney's house, you say, to be interviewed as a photographer and model. >> yes. >> what do you want to say that happened that crossed the line? >> when i went to his house, he instantly attacked me. i made it very clear for him to stop. i said "no, please don't touch me." he became more aggressive. >> did you feel that there was a way for you to leave the situation? >> honestly, i didn't feel there was a way for me to leave safely. >> you're saying you were scared? >> i was terrified. >> you probably may have heard the statement that was released by american apparel. we have asked mr. charney for an interview and we have not gotten a "yes" there.
7:37 am
but there is -- somebody says it is in possession of love letters that ms. lowe sent to mr. charney after she left the company. the company has also smoking gun photographs undermining her false accusations of unwelcome harassment. what is your response? >> well, the photos that were taken that day were taken without my consent. >> that day when you were at his house? >> when i was at his house. i was like, please don't take photos of me. like, stop. he continued. everything he was doing i was asking him to stop. please don't touch me. stop. no. he became more and more aggressive every time i resisted. >> what about the statement about love letters? what's your reaction? >> i have not written a love letter to him. >> you deny that. >> i completely deny it. >> he purposely took the photographs of her after she protested to use them later if she would come forward and complain. >> part of the statement
7:38 am
released by american apparel talks about you, eric saying the attorney is aware the client's story is fiction but participated participated to shake down the company and mr. charney. you represent not just ms. lowe but others in this effort. >> kimbra and irene have come forward saying the same thing. they were sexually assaulted and harassed by doug charney. the company is trying to prevent both of them from speaking. we filed legitimate claims in court. the question to ask of the company is why are they trying to protect a known sexual predator and -- >> you call him a known sexual predator. what evidence do you have that he's a known sexual predator? >> previous complaints that were filed in court before these and now a number of women have come
7:39 am
forward. there are two that are making the same claims. >> with all due respect to the women, we have to ask about -- because you mentioned irene morales who was interviewed here last week. she's also suing for $250 million. this morning we can report that nbc news has seen the e-mails we understand were allegedly posted by -- or sent by your client to mr. charney. some of the e-mails indicate that there is -- they seem to dispute the idea that she was a victim. some of the e-mails indicate, well, a reciprocal relationship. what is your response to that? >> irene was 17 years old and a teenager when she was forced to have phone sex with doug charney. what business does the ceo, a
7:40 am
43-year-old ceo, have sending sexually explicit e-mails to teenage employees? >> are you saying the e-mails are legitimate? >> they are not. >> are they, in fact, real? did they occur? when you say legitimate, did they happen? do they exist as we saw them? >> well, with irene the conversations were usually by phone. there were certain e-mails that she was compelled or forced to send to doug. she was being sexually harassed. under those circumstances had very little choice but to comply. >> you're saying some of the e-mails which seem potentially damning to her case, you're saying because she was so young they can be understood in that context? >> right. the victims of sexual harassment often desensitize themselves to the harassment.
7:41 am
they feel there is little they can do to get out of a harmful situation and they often don't make the right decisions. >> you are not alone in making these accusations against mr. charney. you said your goal is to prevent others from going through what you say you have gone through. how do you aim to do that? what is the end game for you? what is success in this effort? >> to me, success is exposing this man, hopefully getting him removed as ceo from the company and bringing justice to these women, myself included. because, to me, as i see it, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. that's what this is. this whole company by him supporting him is injustice. >> do you want an apology as well? >> absolutely. >> kimber lowe and eric baum, thank you very much. much more ahead but first a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: today's weatherer is brought to you by thermacare
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heat wraps. no pills. no pain. just relief. >> 29 degrees out here. that's pretty formal weather. what's your name? >> hannah van pelt. >> are you any relationship to lucy van pelt? >> maybe. >> she's too young to know the reference. let's take a look and show you what's going on. first a video from california. man, they are getting snow in northern california anywhere from another 8 to 18 inches of snow causing trouble. the interstates there have been shut down. probably going to happen again today out through the mountains. let's look at what's going on as far as your temperatures are concerned. i should say the mid it is section of the company, a big storm system working its way through dropping one to three inches from omaha to des moines. some areas with half an inch to
7:43 am
an inch of rain. for today, a risk of strong storms in the mid mississippi river valley. wet weather and snow in the west. beautiful in the northeast, but it will continue chilly. cherry blossom festival starts today in washington. they're going to have snow on sunday. >> partly cloudy, a son not bad as far as that is concerned. temperatures colder than normal. we should be up to 57. and that's your latest weather. ann? >> thank you, al. up next, we go to london and meet the group called harry
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nivea. touch and be touched. in case you missed the countdown there are 35 days left before the royal wedding. while prince william may be off the market, his brother prince harery is a bachelor. the prospect of marrying a prince has young women flocking to london. michelle kosinski has more on that from buckingham palace. i can only imagine. >> reporter: oh, yes, matt. we caught up with some of the harry hundred trtresses. they know it's unlikely but these americans are serious, methodical, hopelessly romantic. they say, hey, stranger things have happened. it is at least possible here to find a royal man to marry. springtime in london. when a young woman's thoughts
7:48 am
turn to -- ♪ ♪ someday my prince will come >> reporter: -- bagging a prince. college students taylor and liz are thinking about the royal wedding. not that one. their own one day. in your vision where do you meet this crowned head? >> usually on an estate. maybe one of the castles while touring the gardens and he happens to be lost and he gives me directions. admiring a painting in a grand estate. we both look at it and look away. our eyes meet and sparks fly. i feel regal wearing it. >> reporter: not to be outdone by kate middleton they have done their homework. not that kind. scouring magazines to see where royals might be gathering. >> have you seen harry around? >> have you seen other royalty? >> reporter: even taking tours of country estates. in london there is a name for
7:49 am
the stylish young women who hang around these posh shops on sloan street. they call them sloan rangers. this is a throne ranger. >> it's an anglophile on steroids. they think they can actually do it. >> people think i'm crazy. >> reporter: jeremy wrote the book. >>le royal as cot, polo matches. >> reporter: how do you get in? >> they are not hard to get into. i think americans think you need a special pass but you don't. >> reporter: you wore a big hat? >> a small fas nay tone, yes. it's more than the gowns and jewels. you look at the service all the princesses do and it's inspirational. >> reporter: you had me at gowns and jewels. but jeremy married a man who treated her like a princess.
7:50 am
>> royal guys are just as hopeless as normal guys. >> reporter: though she's never dissuade anyone. >> if you believe in your heart you're worthy of a prince, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. >> you never know until you try. >> you're so nice. you give americans a good name. >> if it's meant to b it will happen. >> yeah. >> reporter: prince harry may be back with his girlfriend but the throne rangers don't care. they're looking for anyone with a title. they say it's different from gold digging because a lot of ar aristocratic men don't have a lot of money. it's more pursuing the childhood dream, matt? >> michelle kosinski in london. just ahead, when is it okay to let your daughter wear makeup or how about piercing her ears? the surprising range of answers from a new survey of parents. first, these messages.
7:51 am
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you need to do the preventative things that you need to do for your heart health. for me, it means an aspirin regimen. before you begin an aspirin regimen. speak to your doctor. just ahead, a woman kidnapped as a child reunited with her family after 37 years. >> after your local news. ♪ ♪ oh. thank you, baby. mmm. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's new mccafé shakes. with a fresh look and delicious new toppings, they're a brand-new way to indulge. new mccafé shakes.
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7:56 am
[ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. . time for a check of the morning commute with kim dacey. >> outer loop approaching loch raven boulevard, a crash there and delays associated with that. closed between falls road and roland avenue because of and water main break. the alternate will be coldspring lane. report of an accident on the
7:57 am
inner loop west side of the beltway approaching 40, baltimore national pike. report of an accident at catonsville. disabled vehicle on southbound 95. the right lane is blocked their. delays associated with that. 95 of a down from the harbor tunnel to fort mchenry, it eight minutes. big delays there. on the beltway, west side outer loop. topside of the beltway, perring parkway, starting to slow a little bit. delays from harvard all the way to loch raven. -- harford all the way to loch raven. traffic is calling from 95 to the northeast corner. delays before the beltway of way down through to the southeast side. >> we are taking a look at some
7:58 am
a very cold december ushers out there. 31 at the airport -- very cold temperatures out there pretty 31 at the airport. 34 downtown. sunshine, in the mid-forties. colder-than-normal temperatures. snow on sunday. snow on sunday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
we're back now at 8:00 on a friday morning. it's the 25th day of march, 2011. take a look at the size of the crowd that we've got here on our plaza. you know, i have a feeling with the ncaa tournament that's why a lot of them are here. we have some fans here. that's nice. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and al roker. springtime in new york, yes! >> 29 degrees. what's up with that?
8:01 am
anyway, coming up, a woman who solved her own kidnapping. >>s that's right. she was 4 when she was kidnapped, her kidnapper died at 16 leaving her in the dark about her past. well, now she's discovered her past, found her family and just in time. >> we look forward to hearing from her. also ahead, we are all parents and we all have decisions to make about milestones in our kids' lives. you both have daughters. at what age is it okay to start wearing makeup? at what age should they be allowed to pierce their ears? how about a tattoo? i say 55. >> never. >> we'll get some advice coming up. >> and on "today's style" we have a behind-the-scenes look at the hottest spring fashion show going and where the trends are being taken from the runway to
8:02 am
reality. >> those are beautiful. >> i could see you in that. >> i would love to wear that. i like that. how about a check of the news? >> good idea. >> natalie's inside. >> good morning, everyone. the nuclear crisis continues in japan with high levels of radiation now being reported in reactors 1 and 2 at the fukushima nuclear plant. the japanese government already warned of an apparent radioactive leak from reactor 3 and expanded the voluntary evacuation zone to beyond an 18-mile perimeter. meantime u.s. marines are helping to clear debris from the earthquake and tsunami that struck japan two weeks ago. allied war planes attacked libyan ground forces overnight but have yet to deliver a knockout blow to moammar gadhafi's tanks and artillery which continue to shell rebel positions. on thursday, the allies began transferring command from the u.s. to nato. although allied ground forces haven't been deployed in libya,
8:03 am
hundreds of u.s. paratroopers practiced near the air base in italy which is playing a major role in the campaign. the hispanic population in the united states has surpassed the 50 million mark according to the new census. kristin welker reports. >> reporter: this family moved from mexico to the suburbs of atlanta looking for a better life. they are part of the reason why hispanics now make up 1 in 6 americans. >> there were a lot of job opportunities here with construction, technology. >> reporter: according to the latest census figures hispanics now account for more than half of the total growth in the u.s. population. >> people of hispanic origin clearly represent the second largest group in the country. >> reporter: hispanic growth was dramatic in the south. more than double in kentucky, north carolina, alabama and tennessee. nearly double in georgia and virginia. asians also grew by double digits but still make up less
8:04 am
than 5% of the total u.s. population. the majority of the total growth in the u.s. occurred in the south and the west. one-fourth of the people in the country now live in california, texas and new york. there are signs of hispanic influence everywhere, on telemundo, the soap opera " "la reina del sur" beat its network competitors in prime time. new numbers that show an increasingly diverse nation. nbc news, los angeles. broadway dims its lights tonight in honor of elizabeth taylor who died wednesday at the age of 79. her private funeral service began 15 minutes after the scheduled time because taylor left instructions that she wanted to be fashionably late. she had a sense of humor. it's now 8:04. time for a check of the weather with al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you from the american cancer society, the official
8:05 am
sponsor of birthdays. >> good morning. got a lot of friends from canada. what school are you from? >>. [ inaudible ] middle school in port coquitlam, canada. >> ♪ o canada let's check your weather. denver, mild and partly sunny, 64 degrees. another big storm moving into the west. bringing more mountain snow and heavy rain. we have rain in the northeast. heavy on the chilly side. a risk of strong storms in the mississippi river valley. sunshine through the plains. look for snow in the rockies, up through iowa into southern illinois. that's >> 45 degrees. we should be up to 57. partly cloudy. chilly on the low
8:06 am
we like this sign. it's very nice. matt? >> all right, al. thank you very much. when we come back, a woman reunited with her real family 37 years after she was kidnapped. we'll have the story right after this. yours truly to talk about the venture card "match my miles" challenge. they're so confident their miles are better, they'll match the miles you've earned on your airline credit card -- up to 100,000 -- on a new venture card. it's unbelievable. believe it. venture card miles are good on any airline, anytime. it's like an upgrade from this... to this. sign up for a venture card at today and get up to 100,000 miles. what's in your wallet? impressive, right?
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8:10 am
back now with the incredible story of a little girl lost and then found. stolen from her parents at just 4 years old, it took her 37 years to discover her true identity. we'll speak to her in a moment. first, here's nbc's keith morrison. all she remembered, try as she might, is the bedroom. >> all pink and white. everything matched. >> reporter: and the attentive mother, always there, always smiling. if only she could bring that face into focus. she was kidnapped from that sweet life at the age of 4 by a woman named shirley who told that frightened little girl that from then on her name would be pepper. shirley had another little girl with her, too, renee. the three hot scratched around the u.s., seedy motels, the back seats of cars, all night truck
8:11 am
stops in dozens of towns. >> in texas, new mexico. >> reporter: food scarce, shelter decidedly iffy, schooling spotty if offered at all and life with shirley, abusive and unpleasant for a girl who understood only that she wasn't where or with whom she was supposed to be. >> i knew everything that was happening to us was wrong. >> reporter: it was different for renee. shirley was, for better or worse, the only mother figure she'd ever known but pepper was determined to know her real identity, see her own parents again. when she was 16, her kidnapper was dying, cancer. pepper begged shirley one last time, reveal the truth. who was she? did you ask who your parents were? >> i asked a lot of questions. >> reporter: never got answers? >> i could never get an answer. >> reporter: pepper was in her 40s with her own daughter when
8:12 am
she all but gave up on the idea she'd ever find her parents or learn her real name. she persuaded a friend to adopt her. at least then perhaps she could get the official identity papers she'd need for a passport. that's when a state bureaucrat, searching through files, found this. a birth certificate for a little girl named rhonda kristy, daughter of robert and barbara christie. >> whoa, they're my parents. >> there you are in your bath. >> oh, those are old, too. >> you were a chubby little baby. >> reporter: the reunion was sweet, thrilling, sad and full of amazing discoveries about herself, about renee, about the woman who took them. now for the first time in her life, rhonda christie knows just who she is. once kidnapped and now she'd rescued herself. >> thank you for the beautiful
8:13 am
daughter. >> for pepper smith whose real name is rhonda patricia christie joins us with her sister and their attorney gloria allred. good morning to you. watching that was emotional for you, of course. what are the emotions? happiness, anger, numbness? >> probably a combination. frustration a lot. anger. i'm trying to get to my anger. anger and happiness, too. >> reporter: anger at -- >> at what happened and why it took so long to get where i am today. >> reporter: at shirley for not telling you the truth? >> and at why did it take so long for anyone to help us? you know, for us to find out how to get through this. once i was old enough to talk i was asking for help. i went to judges, lawyers. i voiced my story as well as i could. and i got no response. >> do you feel you should have been more protected by the system?
8:14 am
>> absolutely. it was obvious. i was a withdrawn child. i didn't speak a lot of the time. something's going on. i couldn't read and i wasn't up to par with school or anything. >> because you were not allowed to go to school. >> we were transient. we weren't in a single place long enough. we would leave in the middle of the night. i don't really know the circumstances. whatever shirley was -- we would get up in the middle of the night and go to the next place. wherever that was. >> you're nodding, renee. how would you describe the memory of that? >> well, for me, i was excited to go because when i was in school i was made fun of. so when i would leave, go to a different school, new people. >> you were made fun of, why? >> well, the color of my skin, the way i looked, the hair. >> you never felt like you had a home? >> no. >> gloria, why weren't they
8:15 am
better protected? this feeling, you know, that we just expressed that someone should have helped them sooner? >> someone should have helped them then. and barbara, the adoptive mother of pepper, said she did go to the police. originally she just let pepper go overnight with shirley, whom she knew, but shirley never brought her back. then came the desperate search for her. where is my baby? where is she? she says the police at that time said they couldn't help her because she knew shirley and had given pepper to her. that was only for one night. it wasn't for the rest of her life. she went on a search across the country herself with bob. >> you're saying she knew who the abductor was and they didn't -- >> she knew her. so they went and got to new orleans. found two little red shoes on the porch, too late to find pepper. she was gone. she never saw her again until
8:16 am
pepper found her. >> too late, but there are also words now that can be said about this -- just in time. >> yeah. my mom is dying of cancer. so just in time. because in the end, shirley did not win. me and my mom got reunited. that's what kept me alive. i felt my mom's love. it went from -- you know, a home with food, a bed to nothing. not knowing where you're going to sleep. not knowing when you're going to eat. not knowing what was going on constantly. she didn't communicate to us. and the lies. i figured out she was lying at a young age. i started paying close attention. >> how long does your mom barbara have now and how do you hope to use this time? >> my mom is -- how long does she have? she's alive by her will, i believe. she wants to stay as long as she
8:17 am
can. we just found each other nine months ago. i'm sorry. what was the other question? >> how do you want to use this time with her? i know it must be -- >> it's pretty overwhelming. and this is all difficult. but it's very validating. i feel like finally, i am validated for what was finally going on. the story is far-fetched. i mean, come on. people either don't believe you or think you're insane. but i was sticking to it. finally talking to my mom that first day, the first thing out of her mouth was shirley stole you. validation took over. it's amazing, but it's been such a challenge to integrate this and, you know, i'm getting through it. one day, one breath, one hour at a time. >> they are so brave. >> despite their transient existence having to move from one motel to the next they have
8:18 am
grown up, been law abiding citizens. each with their own daughter and they created their own family and they are role models for their children. >> obviously assisters you are supporting each other. it will take a long time but you have shown us something about courage and love and about what real family is. thank you so much for being here. we wish you every luck. and you can see more of pepper's story tonight -- i should say rhonda's story tonight on dateline at 9:00/8:00 central time here on nbc. we're back right after this. ♪
8:19 am
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but i think the line is talking about my 401(k). leave a 401(k) behind? roll it over with the company that's helping more people reach retirement than anyone else. when it comes to investing, never settle. fidelity investments. this morning on "is it okay to --" the always challenging task of raising daughters. we teamed up with to ask when moms and dads let their kids take part in various activities. today we are talking beauty trends. debra skolnick and harriet cole join us and erica cats is the author of "bonding over beauty." mothers of daughters? >> yes. >> yes. >> i have a daughter. we asked people to talk about different milestones in children's lives. when is it okay to allow girls to shave their legs. the survey said age 8, 2%, 12,
8:23 am
71%. my jaw dropped here. i thought we'd say, like, 17. >> i thought 12 was old to shave your legs. a lot of girls are going through puberty at 10. they're getting dark hair on their legs. i think if they want to shave and they come to you, you need to listen to her and be emp thet tick. >> i was shocked, completely. i thought we were getting close to being an adult. if you start shaving you have to shave for the rest of your life. >> if you don't like it, just let it grow back. >> we were close to the truth. it depends on the individual child. if she's being teased, if the hair is visible, talk about options. >> i'm old school. not that young. >> the next one, piercing. when is it okay to allow ear piercing? look at the numbers the parents came up with. i didn't get this. i see a lot of babies with pierced ears. >> i had my daughter's ears
8:24 am
pierced at 11 months old because we thought it wouldn't hurt. but her ears are sensitive so it didn't work. later is probably safer. >> i think if she's going to get an infection in the ear like at 2, 3 years old isn't a good time. they're touching the ears a lot and the hands aren't clean. i would do it really young or 6 or 7. around 8 we find they can help take care of their own earrings. they can swab it with alcohol and take better care of themselves. >> i agree. >> makeup. do we need to define what we are talking about in makeup here? >> i think so. >> every once in a while my 7-year-old puts a little lipstick on with a party dress. full makeup? >> you can start with a little bit of clear mascara and clear lip gloss. then move to tinted. >> the survey says 63% say at age 14.
8:25 am
harriet? >> i think they are wearing it way before then. >> is it okay? >> i think 12 is more realistic. a little bit. lip gloss. not much. >> as a parent if you say no makeup until age 14 you're making a mistake. you are closing the door to a bigger conversation. ask why she wants to wear it. if she doesn't feel comfortable talking to you about makeup, later she won't talk to you about boys. >> not in my house. finally, let's ruffle featherers with the subject of a tattoo. when is it okay for a child to get a tattoo? this would be boys or girls. 45 -- 53% said age 18. 45% say 21. >> when they can vote, if ever. >> is there a difference? >> if it says, mom, they can get it. >> we want them to get a job. i'm old school. wait until they have tried to get a job before they put something on their face or --
8:26 am
>> how about in a hidden place? >> i don't like them. >> you have to explain to your daughter or son this is pe permane permanent. you don't even like the jeans you wore last year. this is for life. >> a woman took a piece of silly putty, >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. let's get a final check on the morning commute with the kim dacey and traffic pulse 11. >> eastbound northern parkway remains closed as it has been all this morning. the alternate will be coldspring lane. coldspring lane at wabash avenue, watch for that. report of an accident catonsville.
8:27 am
reported a crash at rolling road and johnnycake road. disabled vehicle on southbound 95. right lane of the right tube is blocked. down to 21 miles per hour approaching route 40. website not looking too bad. topside outer loop -- west side not looking too bad. topside outer loop. fort mchenry, looking at 12 minutes. big delays on 95. 40 on the west side here, you can see the inner loop on 40, accident of up to the right shoulder. just possible to on the northeast corner, a topic on the top part of the screen, looks like it is moving a little better. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> it is a sunny morning. not bad. a little chilly, though. temperatures started out in the
8:28 am
20's, but we are coming out. sunshine giving way to the little weather disturbance. most of this will pass south of us tonight. if you scattered clouds here and there. -- a few scattered clouds here and there. >> we will have another update at 8:55.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 on a friday morning, the 26th of march, 2011. big spring break crowd out on the plaza from all across the country gathered here in new york to soak up the sun and the 29 degrees temperatures. >> we have friends from canada
8:31 am
here. >> we do? >> yes, we do. >> nice to have them on the plaza. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry filling in for meredith. >> she's back on monday, by the way. >> and natalie morales joining us as well. what's coming up? >> coming up, we have a segment about helping dogs get adopted and showing us how to make them look terrific. couple of twins there. >> also ahead, it's not just that saving money and eating healthy go hand in hand. we have advice coming up where you should splurge and where you should save when it comes to buying organic food at the supermarket. >> okay. >> all right. then we are taking a look at some of the hottest fashions for spring. actually, these looks debuted last fall during fashion week. coming up, we'll take you behien the scenes to show you from how they go from the look on the runway to reality. >> we have glamour magazine
8:32 am
here. >> and later on, some of the surprising things that can improve or chip away at your relationship. >> hmm. >> all right. but first -- >> a check of the weatherer. >> all righty. for the weekend we have a risk of strong storms in the southern mississippi river valley. rain and snow. pacific northwest into northern california. sunny and cold in the plains. windy and cold in the northeast. sunday, a slight risk of storms along the southeastern atlantic coast. more rain in the pacific northwest and the mountains. sunshine and plains to the northeast. a little bit on the chilly side and record-breaking heat texas to the southwest. >> partly cloudy, a son not bad as far as that is concerned. temperatures colder than normal. we should be up to 57.
8:33 am
you're listening to the ramsey high school concert choir from birminghamm, alabama. >> all right, al. coming up from the runway to reality. the hottest spring fashion trends. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:34 am
8:35 am
back now at 8:35. this morning on "today's style" from the runway to reality. designers use fall fashion week to roll out the looks that we are just now seeing in stores. glamour magazine's editor in chief took us behind the scenes for a sneak peek.
8:36 am
>> we're here at the spring/summer 2011 fashion shows. here's the catch. they are actually taking place in the fall of 2010. what we're doing today is predicting which of the trends we see come down the runway will end up in stores and on women everywhere. one trend that we are seeing a lot of different shows are '70s shapes. i'm not talking about over-the-top disco. picture wide-legged trousers, blouses with bows, jackets with wonderful fitted shapes. the whole thing has a really great sort of '70s inspired but not too, too retro vibe. there's been a lot of orange. we're talking wonderful watermelon colors and tomato reds. it gives you a bolt of energy, but it's not like wearing neon.
8:37 am
secret truth about orange, flatters any skin tone. you can be pale or super dark. there is an orange shade that will flatter you. here's one thing you will definitely see for spring. choice in hemlines. you want to go super short, there are plenty out there for you and there will be really long lengths, too. a lot of cutting edge designers are showing lengths below the knee or to the floor. whatever works for your body and life, it will be out there. >> glamour's cindy levy is with us now. nice job there. >> thank you. >> we are just now seeing the spring trends that were on the runway hit the stores now. how are those looks translating? you're not going to see that exact outfit at the store. >> right. no designer expects a woman to walk to work wearing the runway look head to toe. runway shows are extreme, they're shows. there is an element of drama just to get people to pay attention. you go to enough shows and you
8:38 am
see themes emerge. you can see which of the trends women will want to wear. >> one of the trends is the '70s look. the '70s are back. let's start with ashley and show you how the runway inspired this look. >> people get scared with '70s. i think for those of us tiring of the skinny jeans. >> over it. >>s >> it's nice to have wider leg options. and bow neck blouses, wooden sandals. the pants ashley is wearing are from top shop. it's a great look. >> and the big hat. >> love the hat. hattings are everywhere, if you dare. >> ashley, you look great. thank you. next spring trend we have seen from the runway to now in stores is the color orange which you wear beautifully. >> i'm representing orange.
8:39 am
>> we have anne here. >> anne looks fantastic. we see it from tommy hilfiger to hori birch. it's a great way to brighten up without wearing inin ining neon. this looks really great with tan and gold accessories. >> there are a lot of shades of orange. pretty much everyone can find the right shade. >> there will be something for you. >> whether it's coral or tomatoey-orange. >> some think this is too bright for work but i think it's great. >> the final spring trend is the longer hemline. this goes back to the '70s look. our final model is here. >> this is a good example of how the eye changes in fashion. four, five years ago you saw women going to work in close to a floor length skirt you would think they're bananas. but this is a nice look.
8:40 am
it works well with flats. you're seeing it at all price points. i like it with the karg jacket which is a trend. >> dressing it down and the spring top, too. >> you can do it with a simple tank and fantastic jewelry, wear it at night and look dressed up maybe for an evening wedding. >> do you think this is a hem line that's here to stay for those of us who are petite? >> i think this will be around for a few years. if you want to experiment you can. >> let's bring the models out for a last look here. ladies, you look fantastic, as always. cindy, great job. >> thank you. have fun shopping. >> there you go. nice to have you here. up next, how to eat healthy and cut your grocery bill at the same time. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
8:42 am
back now at 8:42.
8:43 am
this morning on "eat smart today" supermarket saves and splurges. when is it worth paying more for healthier food options? madelyn fernstrom joins us with advice. >> people think to eat healthy you have to spend a lot of money. sometimes that's true, but there are ways to save. >> let's see if we can save on vegetables. there are a lot of organic options and for things like berries we know we should buy organic. what about the other vegetables? >> you want to head to the freezer section because you can save money because they are flash frozen. they are just as nutrient dense as fresh. >> they are? >> yes. when you flash freeze things right at the point of harvest they keep the nutrient content. you will save a lot of money. though in a perfect world you could buy local and have things fresh it's not always possible. that's a good way.
8:44 am
>> in terms of regular vegetables i buy a lot organic because i worry and i don't want to always peel carrots. >> right. >> the most nutritious is there. do you need to buy organic? >> you don't. >> it's more expensive. >> it is. flavorwise and nutrient wise stick with the same colors you normally see. right next to them in the aisle there is white eggplant, purple potatoes and yellow beets. visually they are prettier, but don't spend the money. >> and heirloom tomatoes. >> they are sort of original seeds. people think they are more natural or flavorful. it's not true and they are pricey. skip them. >> you can use them maybe in a special way. when meat is on sale i don't want to buy them. what's your advice? i think it may be old. >> look at the label. you want to see expire and use by. if you want to buy them they are
8:45 am
safe, but there are options that could be fresher starting with chicken. people think white meat and chicken breast are very pricey. you can look at thighs. whether boneless or bone in, people shy away thinking, oh, i don't know if i will like it. calories are just about the same. nutrients are the same. you can use them anywhere you use white meat. >> if you don't like them -- >> right. taste is important. that's a cheaper cut. one of my favorites is with fish. fresh fish is expensive. get flash frozen fish in most supermarkets and they are fresh as well. at the boat often they are frozen. so they're fresh, nutrient dense and what's important is when you go to the supermarket and think you're looking at a fresh fish counter it's often previously frozen. >> we have a lot of information to get to. tell us about eggs. >> stick with regular eggs. free range means they have access to the outside. lower cholesterol eggs don't mean zero.
8:46 am
regular eggs are very pricey without much extra nutrition. >> organic milk? >> it's good because there are no hormones or antibiotics. >> especially with daughters, children in the house. >> it's best to go hormone and antibiotic free. >> you say this yogurt is a good splurge. i love it. >> you can use it in place of sour cream, with berries. >> no cholesterol and it tastes rich. for steak? >> grass fed beef is expensive but it's what cows should eat. you will have a healthier cut, lower in fat and more flavorful. so you will eat less. >> there are more grain options these days. what's the rule of thumb? >> buy in bulk. you can stick it in the fridge. they are resealable and you can get a lot for this instead of the small packages. >> freezing bread? they don't lose nutrition? >> if you want to buy them in bulk and freeze them, indulge
8:47 am
and splurge in a seven grain bread or something you wouldn't make at home. >> i like the rice from this company. >> this is arborio rice. it gives pop and good flavor. it's good to use. >> spices can be expensive. before spices you have ketchup and mustard and other ako kou accotrements. >> you can save a lot of money on the store brands. >> oils? >> skip walnut or sesame oil. not necessary for most uses. they spoil, so stick with a nonflavored oil. >> think about highway you use oils. fresh herbs are wonderful. you can grow your own and that's the best way. >> what you want to do is get some color, really good flavor. they are available all year round. one good bottle of olive oil and red wine vinegar and that covers most uses.
8:48 am
that's good to splurge on as well. >> spices are expensive. >> they add so much flavor. it's a good indulgence. >> thank you so much this morning. coming up, we'll turn a new batch of dogs in need from bow to wow. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
we are back with from bow to wow. a great segment where we take shelter dogs, fix them up and find them new homes. yes, we still have a 100% success rate. our animal advocate is jill rappaport here with a new batch. hi, jill. >> hi, matt. now that spring has allegedly sprung it's the perfect time of year to adopt a dog. we have a great selection for you from mighties to minis guaranteed to melt your heart. it's march madness at animal care and control in new york city. sadly, the cages are filled with wonderful pets all waiting to get adopted. starting with timmy, a gorgeous golden 1-year-old mix. >> this golden boy is tim my. all he wants to do is kiss. >> came in as a stray. he's in good condition. knows basic commands, sit and
8:51 am
give paw. someone gave him training and love. >> he has a lot of energy and he's a year old. will he get bigger? >> i don't think so. he's about 55 pounds. >> can you show tricks? give me a paw. >> good boy. >> up next, lively luke. a tri colored australian shepherd. >> and this lap full of boy is named luke. >> his owners had him for a year and had to give him up because of personal problems. >> look how trusting he is. this is a strange place and he's allowing us to pick him up, hold him. he's in good shape. >> he has a lot of energy. >> now feast your eyes on bear whose heart matches the size. >> this small pony's name is bear. >> 134 pounds of pure love. >> gentle as a lamb. >> he's a rottweiler.
8:52 am
>> some people may be apprehensive in adopting him, worried that he could be aggressive. as you can see, he puts the m in mellow, this guy. >> this dog has been nothing but mild, calm the whole time. >> he's a beautiful dog, 5 years old and the family surrendered him. >> they owned him his whole life. >> not because of temperament. >> no. they had issues in the family and had to give him up which is a heart breaking decision. >> from a mighty mutt to a pair of minis. meet davie and kevin. >> from massive to minute. >> the two doesn't equal the one. >> they're adorable. >> they are terrier mixes. davie is 5. kevin is about 3. we found them together, tied up in a park. they're still bonded. >> these two need to stay together. five beautiful big and bitty canines waiting for a loving home this spring. >> as always, we are joined by
8:53 am
richard from animal care of new york city. welcome. >> thank you, matt. >> let's bring out our first dog. this is timmy who is walking natalie out this morning. remind us about timmy. >> timmy is 1, still in puppy stage. he knows basic commands and is very eager to learn more. very eager to please. a happy, happy dog. >> need a lot of space this dog? >> yeah. he's energetic. he needs to run. >> it's good. he's playing with imaginary playthings also. all right, timmy. natalie, thank you very much. let's bring out luke. luke is an australian shepherd mix. he's with ann this morning. >> when you walk ann he wants to go. >> very playful. >> these are herding dogs. >> needs a lot of running around. >> when he's in your lap at home
8:54 am
he's mellow. >> really calms down. once you stop he calms down. >> luke had a family but they had to move on and couldn't take him. ann, thank you very much. luke, thank you. >> that way! >> clear the path. here comes bear. look. we have kris kardashian walking out with him. how are you doing? she's hosting the 4th hour with kathie lee and hoda. >> he's bigger than i am. >> almost 140 pounds. he walks well on a leash. >> so sweet. >> gentle. >> a really gentle dog. if you have small children you may not want to adopt him. just because he may knock them over accidentally. this is a big body around the house. >> he's truly a gentle giant. >> what a great watchdog, right? someone comes to rob the house they deserve to. >> they will think twice with him. >> he's fantastic. thank you very much. bear, thank you.
8:55 am
finally, we have kathie lee with a great pair. [ laughter ] >> this is kevin and davie. take it away, rich. >> now we have two small little guys, father and son. we'd like to keep them together. they get along well. very affectionate with one another. >> we want to keep them together. >> we'd like to, yeah. >> and they are also very calm and mellow. >> bring all the dogs out. come on out again. kathie lee, thank you very much. >> love you, matt. >> i love you, too. thank you very much. richard, thank you. jill, thank you. let's keep that 100% success rate going on bow to wow. we are back with much more after these messages. and your local news.
8:56 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am a mindy basara. anne arundel county police are warning people in the pasadena area to lock windows and doors after break-ins that included at least one sexual assault. they are investigating three incidents in the area. a woman claimed an intruder entered the bedroom. anyone with information is asked
8:57 am
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>> now let's look at the forecast with john collins. >> the sun is out this morning but it is not boring things that much. -- not warming of things that much. clouds and the west associated with the storm system that will move in during the day today. partly cloudy, chilly. only in the mid-to-upper 40's. >> we will have another weather update at 9:25.
8:59 am

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